Wednesday, January 6, 2010


So, I arrived in Trinidad last night at about 10:30pm Trinidadian time. Which is 4 hours ahead of Washington State time! It was a long couple days of traveling. Left Seattle at 6am, spent the night with my family in Ft. Lauderdale, & then off to Miami to hop on another plane here the next day!

My cousin Clark & I at the beach in Florida

On the plane I made my first friend from Trinidad! He sat right next to me & actually had an Ukulele with him. I thought it was such a huge coinicidence so I started to talk to him. He was from California & actually goes to high school over here in Trinidad. I thought that was pretty cool.The rest of the group with me here seem pretty cool as well. There is 13 of us total & only 2 boys.

The place I am staying at is called "The Caribbean Lodge" & it is HUGE! We all got to have our own room & there are other local students who live here as well. Everyone is very welcoming & I'm loving my room (:

This is my room at the lodge:

Right when I stepped out of the airport, I felt like I was in Philippines again! The humidty, the palm trees, & even the smell reminded me of the Philippines. The only difference is well... here they speak English, they drive on the LEFT side of the road, & mostly everyone is from Indian or African descent.

Outside my windows:

Today we got a chance to walk around the area. I had my first experience with the local food. This morning for breakfast I had "Bake & Salt Fish" & then for lunch I had "Chicken Roti". Both were very good! I'm so excited to try the rest of the food here. Tonight we are going to the University of the West Indies for dinner & I'm assuming we are meeting some other people.

The gate to the lodge

So far, so good! I can't wait to see what the rest of the trip brings!
I know this weekend I'm going to be staying with my homestay family & next week we are spending a week in Tobago! I hear the place we are staying is like paradise! SO EXCITED!


  1. aw dorko it looks awesome (: im added this site to my favorites so i check it as often as i can ! i know your gunna have a good time! i miss you so much already.
    - dorko j

  2. im so jealous of the damn weather!! its still icky as heck here, oh what i would do for sun right now.. haha

  3. definitely looks alot better than pullman right now haha