Monday, February 1, 2010

Two weeks of craziness!

I haven't gotten a chance to write for over 2 weeks! Everything seems to be happening so fast, I hope I can remember everything to share with you all!

First off, I started school at the University of West Indies last week. To my surprise, neither of my professors showed up to my classes! The campus is HUGE compared to what I am used to. Over 16,000 students at UWI & in my Sociology class alone, there is 240. I am really not at PLU anymore!
The group in front of the Governor's House during our tour of Port of Spain.

The group got to go on several trips these past two weeks. We visited a lot of Mas Camps, which are the places where costumes are made for upcoming Carnival. The costumes were so amazing. All are hand made & all are so unique & VERY BEAUTIFUL. My group is currently learning a dance to perform in Carnival & we are going to be sailors. It should be pretty fun. Carnival is basically a huge party/celebration of culture that lasts for a FULL two days. Not even two days really, Carnival celebrations are ALREADY starting up & you can seriously feel the energy rising in the country.

Some of the costumes we saw. I PROMISE MOM I'M NOT WEARING THE BIKINI ONES!

We also got a chance to visit the Malick Folk Dancers which performed a show for us. It was so much fun. The dancers & performers were so great & we even got to participate in the show! We got to do some stick fighting & the LIMBO! Believe me, Trinidad does not do the limbo like anyone else! I'm so glad I got a video of it! Also, at the end of the performance they asked US to perform. I totally saved us by singing "Umbrella" by Rihanna & the group danced with an umbrella. It was pretty funny I must say!


We also got to go to several concerts the past two weeks. We visited the Calypso Tent & heard so many Calypsonians perform for over 4 hours! Calypso is basically an editorial in song. They talk about politics to relationships to news going on around the world. We even got to meet one of the most famous Calypsonians, Chalkdust, & he gave us a lecture on what exactly Calypso is all about & it's history.
We also got to go to the Chutney Soca Monarch! It was AMAZING. One of the biggest concerts/parties I have ever been too! People were dancing everywhere. Young & old. The performances were really great & not to mention the food!
Then, yesterday we went to Panorama Semi-Finals in Port of Spain. It was a huge party full of food & tons & tons of music everywhere. The Pan bands were great & we had so much fun. We actually were in the NEWSPAPER this morning! They took a picture of some of us girls !



I know I am probably missing a whole bunch of other things I've been doing, but it's so hard to remember everything! All I know is that I am having such a great time! I'm learning so much of the culture & it has not even been a month yet!

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